Over 8 Years Experience

Tree pruning is a process that takes time to master. Proper pruning techniques ensure every cut made will direct growth. For an arborist to truly understand this, he must prune the same tree multiple times. This allows him to see how the tree reacts to his trimming work. It takes over six years for enough time to have passed for an arborist to have accomplished this. All of our arborists have met or exceeded this experience level. Our tree care professionals are also trained in the latest high-climbing techniques for safe and damage-free tree removal no matter what the size of the tree or the situation.

We Use Only the Best Equipment and Materials

We do this to give you the best possible results, but it’s the eye of the arborist that does more work than both of his hands. You can be sure at Genesis Tree Service that your trees are in the hands of an expert.

Full Service Tree Care

We plant trees and can recommend which trees will maximize the beauty of your landscape. We also provide deep root fertilization services that will greatly improve the health of your existing trees. We provide organic sprays and treatment to help your trees fight off disease and insects.